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Who Goes There: A Bibliographic Dictionary of Pseudonymous Literature in Science Fiction and Fantasy. compiled by James A. Rock, viii+201pp., illustrated, 9"x12" paperback, $12.95 Click Here to Order

Robert A. Heinlein Bibliography w/ Pseudonyms

HEINLEIN, ROBERT A(nson) (1907-1988).
Born: Butler, Missouri
Biographical (Literary): Heinlein In Dimension, by Alexei Panshin. Chicago: Advent, 1968, 204pp.

as Robert A. Heinlein
"Life-Line" Astounding, Aug 1939
Rocket Ship Galileo. NY: Scribner, 1947, 212pp., ill.
Space Cadet, NY: Scribner, 1948, 242p., ill.
Beyond This Horizon. Reading, Pennsylvania: Fantasy Press, 1948, 242pp. ill.
Red Planet NY: Scribner, 1949, 2llpp., rn.
Sixth Column. NY: Gnome, 1949, 256pp. [title later changed to The Day After Tomorrow)
Waldo and Magic, Inc. Garden City: Doubleday, 1950, 219pp. 2 novellas
The Man Who Sold The Moon. Chicago: Shasta, 1950, 299pp. ss cot
Farmer In The Sky. NY: Scribner, 1950, 216pp., ill.
Between Planets. NY: Scribner, 1951, 222pp., ill.
The Green Hills of Earth. Chicago: Shasta, 1951, 256pp. ss cot
Universe. NY: Dell, 1951, 54pp., paper.
The Puppet Masters. Garden City: Doubleday, 1951, 219pp.
The Rolling Stones. NY: Scribner, 1952, 276pp., ill.
Starman Jones. NY: Scribner, 1953, 805pp., ill.
Revolt in 2100. Chicago: Shasta, 1953, 317pp.
Assignment in Eternity. Reading, Pennsylvania: Fantasy Press, ?56pp. ss cot
The Star Beast NY: Scribner, 1954, 282pp., ill.
Tunnel In the Sky. NY: Scribner, 1955, 273pp.
Double Star Garden City: Doubleday, 1956, 186pp.
Time for the Stars. NY: Scribner, 1956, 244pp.
The Door Into Summer, Garden City: Doubleday, 1957, lSSpp.
Citizen of the Galaxy. Garden City: Doubleday, [1957], 302pp., ill.
Methuselah's Children, NY: Gnome, [1958], 188pp.
Have Space Suit, Will Travel, NY: Scribner, 1958, 276pp.
Starship Troopers. NY: Putnam, 1959, 309pp.
The Menace Prom Earth. NY: Gnome, 1959, 255pp.
The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag. NY: Gnome, 1959, 256pp. [later title 6XH]
Stranger In A Strange Land NY: Putnam, 1961, 408pp.
Podkayne of Mars. NY: Putnam, 1968, l9lpp.
Glory Road. NY: Putnam, 1963, 288pp.
Orphans of the Shy. NY: Gollancz, 1963, l6Opp. 2 novellas
Farnham's Freehold. NY: Putnam, 1964, 315pp.
The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. NY: Putnam, 1966, 383pp.
The Worlds Of Robert A. Heinlein. NY: Ace, [1966], 189pp., paper. ss cot
The Past Through Tomorrow. NY: Putnam, 1967, 667pp. collection of "Future History" series
I Will Fear No Evil. NY: Putnam, 1971.
Time Enough For Love. NY: Putnam, [1973], 605pp.

Those items below are not listed in Who Goes There but will be listed in the addendum to be available at a reduced price to all WGT owners in late 1998.

No Bands Playing, Vertex: The Magazine of Science Fiction Dec 1973
The Notebooks Of Lazarus Long, [1978] (taken from two chapters of Time Enough for Love)
The Number of the Beast, [1980]
Friday, [1982]
Job: A Comedy of Justice, [1984]
The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, [1985], 382pp.
To Sail Beyond the Sunset, [1987], 416pp.

Selected Non-Fiction:

On the Writing of Speculative Fiction [1947]
Science Fiction: Its Nature, Faults and Virtues (1957)
Grumbles From the Grave, [1989], 281pp. (ed. by Virginia Heinlein)

as Anson McDonald
Sixth Column. Astounding, Jan-Mar 1941

as Lyle Monroe
Heil. Futuria Fantasia #4, 1940 [Fanzine: published by Ray Bradbury]
Let There Be Light,. Super Science Stories, May 1940

as John Riverside
The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag. Unknown Worlds, Oct 1942

as Caleb Saunders
Elsewhere. Astounding, Sept 1941

as Simon York see addendum below (mysteries)

Addendum - not in WGT

as Anson McDonald "The Devil Makes the Law" Unknown Sep 1940
as Anson McDonald "Solution Unsatisfactory" Astounding May 1941
as Anson McDonald "--We Also Walk Dogs" Astounding Jul 1941
as Anson McDonald "By His Bootstraps" Astounding Oct 1941
as Anson McDonald "Goldfish Bowl" Astounding Mar 1942
as Anson McDonald Beyond This Horizon, Astounding Apr-May 1942
as Anson McDonald "Waldo" Astounding Aug 1942

as Lyle Monroe w/ Elma Wentz "Beyond Doubt" Astonishing Stories Apr 1941
as Lyle Monroe "Lost Legion" Super Science Stories Astonis Nov 1941
as Lyle Monroe "Pied Piper" Astonishing Stories Mar 1942
as Lyle Monroe "Columbus Was a Dope" Startling Stories May 1947

as Simon York "They Do It With Mirrors" Popular Detective, May 1947

A fairly comprehensive bibliography is to be found at the end of Grumbles from the Grave. There is also a good one to be found after the brief biography of Heinlein on the Robert A. Heinlein Frequently Asked Questions Home page http://www.nitrosyncretic.com/rah/rah_faq.htm

(1899-1959) German/French

as Charles Henneberg [in collaboration with Nathilie Henneberg zu Irmelshausen Wasungen]
"The Blind Pilot", Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Jan 1960
Au Premier Ere Spatial Paris: 1959.
LaRosee du Soleil Paris: 1959.
Les Dieur Verts. Paris: 1961.

as N(athilie) C(harles) Henneberg [in collaboration with Nathilie Henneberg zu lrmelshausen Wasungen]
Le Forleresse Perdua Paris: 1962.
Le Mur de Ia Lumiere. Paris: A. Michel, [1972], 244pp. [original title Au Premier Ere Spatial 1959]
La Plaic. Paris: A. Michel, 1974, BlSpp.
Le Dien Foudroyc. Paris: A. Miehe{ 1976 possibly by Nathilie alone]

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