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Mysteries, Detective Fiction, Espionage, True Crime, and Thrillers.

F E A T U R E D   M Y S T E R Y   S I T E S   O F   T H E   M O N T H:  August 2001

Mystery Vault.  The Mystery Vault has searchable archives of four mystery-related digests and three mystery-related e-newsletters. It now contains elements previously found at "The Morgue" and " hopefully combined the best of both websites into one." Archived are: DorothyL Mystery Literature Forum; ShortMysteryL Digest; SinC (Sisters In Crime) Internet Chapter ; Gaslight Digest ; all incarnations of the Ballantine newsletter Murder On The Internet(MOTI) (et al);  The Rap Sheet, the periodic mystery bulletin of January Magazine; and (TSO) The Short Order, the mystery e-zine/newsletter of the Short Mystery Fiction Society (SMFS). The searchable nature of this site's archives makes it a must visit for the mystery lover, also a list of other mystery related newsletters and e-mail news groups on the internet. New features are being added.

ClueLass HomePage: A Mystery Lover's Notebook This is a wide ranging and well laid out site that claims to be "America's most popular website for mystery fans. . ." Links to mystery sites, book stores, books, magazines, and much more.

G. K. Chesteron Mega-Links: Links to quotations, Chesterton Sites, Chesterton works on-line, and many articles about the creator of the Father Brown series. Much more

T H E   F E A T U R E D   M Y S T E R Y   S I T E S

A Guide to Classic Mystery and Detection This site is fascinating and informative, and it's pure text, so it loads fast. Michael E. Grost has developed a site with numerous thoughtful and thought provoking articles on many of the major, and a number of minor practitioners of detective fiction writing. the essays have a decided literary bent and treat the subject with respect. There are sure to be fascinating insights into the history and the literary output of your favorite author. You may not agree with everything you read, but you'll be informed and stimulated, a great site!

A Guide to Mystery Web Sites. With such wonderful categories listed as of 6/17/2000 as: 

  1. Animals in Mysteries
  2. Archives
  3. Authors of Mystery and Crime Fiction
  4. Authors' Articles, Interviews and Profiles
  5. Bibliographies
  6. Books
  7. Bookstores and Catalogues
  8. Broadcasts
  9. Characters
  10. Chat Line
  11. Conventions
  12. Discussion Groups, Games
  13. General Mystery Information
  14. Humor Websites
  15. Movies
  16. Mystery Events
  17. Mystery Links
  18. Mystery Webrings
  19. Newsletters, E-zines, Mailing Lists, and Articles
  20. Online Mysteries
  21. Organizations
  22. Promotional Sites
  23. Publishers
  24. Reference Materials
  25. Reviews
  26. Stamps
  27. Television
  28. Travel
  29. True Crime
  30. Writing

There is much more on this site, check it out!

A Guide to Mystery Author Web Sites Listed as of 6//17/2000 were: Cherry Ames. James Bond, Dalziel and Pascoe, Nancy Drew, Matt Helm, 8 Sherlock Holmes home pages, Sir Derek Jacobi (Brother Cadfael), The Strange Web of Fremont Jones, Amelia Peabody,  The Saint, Spenser, Inspector Morse, and NERO WOLFE

The Gumshoe Site This site offers extensive information on mystery awards, author's news, and interesting reviews. The site is fast loading and easy on the eyes. A good selection of mystery site links and an archive of news and reviews from previous months (back to July 1997) further enhance the value of this site, stop by!, The Online Mystery Network Lists. Mystery bookstores, mysteries on TV, History of the Mystery, Mystery Discussion Groups, Mystery Events, Mystery Organizations http:/

The Mysterious Home Page Provides massive amounts of information about mysteries and crime fiction on the net and a set of links that has to be experienced. If you like mysteries and haven't seen this site you are in for a BIG TREAT.

If you're interested in The Saint mystery series we have two pieces of advice 1. Don't see the movie with Val Kilmer and Elisabeth Shue (for further explanation see our capsule review on our Movie Review Page ). 2.) Do visit The Saint Home Page

The Tangled Web UK This British bookshop web site has tons of information on new book releases and bokk goings on in the mystery field. It is a very spiffy, graphics intensive site with all the bells and whistle: scrolling marquis, IE Channels, and more. But, the content is what will grab you and keep you coming back for more!

TSO - The Short Order -- This is the mystery e-zine/newsletter of the Short Mystery Fiction Society (SMFS). 

Sydney Fowler Wright
This site is dedicated to the once popular and prolific mystery writer, perhaps best remembered for The Bell Street Murders (1931) and a number of books under the pseudonym Anthony Wingrave. Wright was also one of the founding fathers of modern science fiction This site has many of Wright's works on-line. Wright was of the school of admonitory science-fiction, in the vein of H. G. Wells' The Time Machine and was considered a very popular mainstream writer in the days before writers of science fiction were ghettoized as genre writers. He is remembered today in the field of science fiction, when at all, mostly for his evocative cataclysm novel Deluge, A Romance which deals with the aftermath of a seismic upheaval that inundates Europe and leaves central England a small island. Deluge and its companion novel, Dawn, are both on-line at this site. This site also has information on films of Wright's books and more.

Links to most of the 111 former members of The Crime Ring as well as many others can be found on the ClueLass Deadly Directory Online 

Below is a list of Archived e-mail lists related to various genre authors, characters, and interests.

Agatha Christie -- For Christie fans.
Allingham -- For Margery Allingham fans.
A Mystery Fanatic -- Pretty self-explanatory (grin).
Blocktalk -- For Lawrence Block fans.
Burning Court -- Discussion of crime fiction, thrillers, and their authors.
Buzzy's Mystery Maven -- Discussion by fans & writers of crime fiction.
Cozies -- Discussion of cozy mystery fiction (over 200 members).
Crimebooks -- Discussion of true-crime and mystery.
CrimeThruTime -- Discussion of historical mysteries.
Daheim Mystery -- Discussion of mysteries by Mary Daheim.
Die Laughing -- Discussion of humorous crime fiction (almost 100 members).
DorothyL Mystery Literature Forum -- DorothyL is perhaps the longest-running mystery discussion forum in cyberspace. Archives
on this site date back to February, 1995.
Dutch -- For fans of Elmore "Dutch" Leonard (mysteries & westerns).
Elizabeth George -- For fans of Elizabeth George.
Elizabeth Peters -- For fans of Elizabeth Peters.
Ellis Peters -- For fans of Ellis Peters (Brother Cadfael, etc.).
Femme Mystery (1 of 2) -- Discussion of mysteries either written by women or featuring a female protagonist.
Femme Mystery (2 of 2) -- Discussion of mysteries either written by women or featuring a female protagonist.
Funny Bones -- Discussion of humorous mystery (see also "Die Laughing" above).
Gamadge -- Discussion of Elizabeth Daly (creator of Henry Gamadge) mysteries.
Gaslight Digest -- The Gaslight Digest is not mystery-specific but does discuss a lot of mystery fiction in depth.
Hard Boiled -- Discussion of hardboiled mystery (see also "Rara-Avis" below).
Henrie O -- Discussion of the Henrie O mystery novels of Carolyn Hart.
Historic-L -- Discussion of historical mysteries (see also "CrimeThruTime" above).
HMAS Reading Group -- For members of the Historical Mystery Appreciation Society.
Holmes 1891 -- For discussion of Sherlock Holmes.
James Patterson -- For fans of James Patterson.
Jury and Friends Pub -- For fans of mysteries by Martha Grimes.
Kinsey Millhone -- For fans of Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone series.
Left Coast Crime 10 -- For discussion of the March 2000 convention.
Lillian -- For fans of Lillian Jackson Braun "The Cat Who..." mysteries (200+ members).
Locked Room -- For fans of locked-room mysteries.
Lord Peter -- For fans of Lord Peter Wimsey (Dorothy L. Sayers' creation).
MacGuffinResearch -- (formerly MacGuffinL) Discussion and queries on the history & criticism of detective fiction.
Mary Russell -- Discussion of Laurie R. King's Mary Russell series (or even Sherlock Holmes).
Medical Mysteries -- Discussion of medical mysteries and their authors.
Murder On The Internet  -- Murder On The Internet (MOTI) is an e-newsletter of the Random House imprint, Ballantine
MysInDepth -- In-depth discussion of mysteries.
Mysteries Inc. -- Members post mysteries for others to solve.
Mystery -- Discussion of mysteries and their authors.
Mystery B -- Members choose/read a mystery novel for later mutual discussion.
Mysterybooks -- Mystery fans discuss authors and their work.
MysterySeries -- Discussion of great "series" work in the mystery world.
Nero Wolfe -- For fans/collectors of the Nero Wolfe novels of Rex Stout.
Nevermore -- Devoted to discussions of Edgar Allan Poe and his work.
OzCrime -- Discussion of mystery as it pertains to the Australian writer or reader.
Perfect Crimes -- Members "create" perfect crime scenarios (for entertainment only, of course).
The Rap Sheet -- This is a mystery e-newsletter from January Magazine. 
Rara-Avis -- Discussion of hardboiled mystery.
S.E.M.W.A. -- For MWA members who live in AL, AR, GA, MS, NC and SC.
Short Mystery Digest
-- This discussion list of the Short Mystery Fiction Society (SMFS). Discussion centers around mystery
short stories and the state of short fiction in the mystery publishing biz
SinC Internet Chapter -- This forum is the e-hangout of Sisters In Crime's Internet Chapter. 
TerryFic -- For fans of Christine Spindler's Inspector Terry series.
TSO - The Short Order -- This is the mystery e-zine/newsletter of the  Short Mystery Fiction Society (SMFS). 
The Thin Man -- Discussion of mystery novels/movies of the 1930s and 1940s.
Voyage-M -- Discussion of mystery novels and their authors.
Whodunit -- Mystery fans discuss authors and their work.

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Corsage: A Bouquet of Rex Stout and Nero Wolfe - Ephemera
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